With an average satisfaction score of 4.5 out of 5 on security, cloud users feel safe. Non-cloud users though remain at bay-particularly with many questions still looming around the future of cloud computing in healthcare. The conclusions are from a recent report from research firm KLAS.

Cloud Computing Perception 2013: The Hybrid Cloud in Healthcare looks at the evolution of the cloud in healthcare, provider concerns, as well as vendor performance.



While cloud users gave their vendors near-perfect satisfaction scores, 66 percent of non-users surveyed said security was the top concern stopping them from moving forward with adoption.

“The contrast in this report between cloud users and non-users is really telling,” said Erik Westerlind, research director and report author. “It really helps providers and vendors get a sense of the gaps that exist within current cloud offerings. Furthermore, providers will understand which vendors might be able to resolve their concerns.”


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