The Agency for Healthcare Administration has provided the following updates on Menu Measure #9 and the Immunization Registry:

  • Providers can call or write the FL Shots Help Desk for written confirmation of immunization batch submissions. This confirmation should be uploaded as part of the application. The time and date of the batch submission will be entered into the application itself.
  • For those providers performing an initial test, the documentation from FL Shots regarding the status of the test should be uploaded as part of the application. The measure requires that a test be performed. It does not require that the test be successful.
  • Providers have the option of claiming an exclusion due to inability to submit a test file. CMS has stated that a provider’s inability to test with an established registry qualifies for the exclusion of “where no immunization registry has the capacity to receive the information electronically.” To claim this exclusion providers must have established an account with FL Shots and provide a copy of the account log-in page with their application. This will provide assurance that the provider has made every effort to meet the requirements of this measure but cannot complete testing (e.g. waiting list). Additional documentation explaining why testing cannot be completed should also be included.
  • An exclusion can also be claimed if the provider gave no immunizations within the 90 day MU reporting period.

Start Early!

  • Providers are encouraged to start the process of testing with FL SHOTS early. If you are just now installing your system, initiate the process as soon as installation is complete, as the process takes time.
  • Practices must initially complete an application for an account with FL SHOTS. This application can be completed online or printed and faxed. FL SHOTS will send a notification of the account information and password within a few days of receiving the application. Only one application is needed per practice.
  • Once an account is established, the practice should notify FL SHOTS of their intent to establish an uploading connection. Once this notification is made, the data team will contact the practice to assist with establishing a se-cure FTP (sFTP) connection with the Department of Health (DOH) in order to send test files.

For more information about FL Shots or to obtain required documentation, call the FL Shots help desk at 1-877-888-SHOT (7468), send an email to, or visit their website at Refer to Going Digital News Bytes Volume 9 for further information.