A reminder to providers who began participation with your first year of Stage 1 for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program in 2014:

If you are an eligible Medicare provider and have not previously attested to Meaningful Use under the EHR incentive program, 2014 is the last year you can start participation in order to receive incentive payments and avoid the 2015 penalty.  If you chose to participate for the first time in 2014, you should have begun your 90-day Meaningful Use reporting period on July 1, 2014, in order to submit your attestation by October 1, 2014, to avoid the penalty in 2015.  Beginning in 2015, eligible professionals who do not successfully demonstrate meaningful use will be subject to a penalty.  The payment reduction starts at 1 percent and increases each year that an eligible professional does not demonstrate meaningful use, to a maximum of 5 percent. While October 1 is the attestation deadline for eligible professionals in their first year of participation to avoid the penalty, those who miss this deadline can still demonstrate meaningful use during the last 90-day reporting period of the year (October through December 2014) and earn an incentive payment for 2014. Eligible professionals who successfully demonstrate meaningful use each year beginning in 2014 could earn as much as $23,520 in incentive payments.

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