State-wide Learning & Improvement Collaborative

The collaborative aims to increase the performance of health systems in managing hypertension through improved clinical processes, increased use of clinical quality measurement and the implementation of evidence-based intervention referral systems.

A free 30 minute webinar  in our Improving the Health of Floridians Series.

Cholesterol.  Are you routinely identifying and managing cholesterol in your practice?  Join us for a free webinar to learn up-to-date information about using your EHR to identify and manage cholesterol in your patient population. Topics Include:

1. Establishing a program within your practice

2. Documentation and Coding

3. Optimizing Your EHR

4. Provider Tips

5. Cholesterol Resources


Webinar Recording: Click on link to listen

May 20, 2020 Improving the Health of Floridians: Cholesterol


Technical Assistance

September 2020: HealthARCH is recruiting practices for Cohort 2 to receive technical assistance under this project. If you want to find out more detail about participating please review the Program Letter or contact us via email at:


HealthARCH has created a Roadmap and Fact Sheet for providers to serve as guides for identifying and implementing processes to manage their cholesterol population. (Click on each image below to open document in a new window.)

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